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Owner of this website is T. V. RAMASWAMY IYER, aged 74, born in Nagpur and native of Madurai. He worked in PSU banks in New Delhi and Chennai and has permanently settled down in Nanganallur, Chennai (600061), since 1979. After his retirement in 2006, for nearly 3 years he worked as CEO of a microfinance company at Tirunelveli, where he could render services to the poor and people Below the poverty line (BPL) by lending loans to Rural Women and providing employment to Rural Youth.

In the year 2012, Sringeri Jagadguru Sri Sri Bharathi Theerthar Mahaswamigal, 36th Pontiff of SRINGERI SRI SHARADA PEETHAM, gave a series of lectures (ANUGRAHA BASHANAM) during His Vijaya Yatra from 2012 March to 2013 September, covering Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana, and again in 2017 during His Vijaya Yatra to Tamilnadu alone in Kannada, Tamil, and Telugu. In all those lectures, His Holiness Sri Swamigal dedicated his talk only to DHARMAM ON SATHPATHRAM and the fruits of PAROPAKARAM.

In 2018, Sringeri Swamigal advised him to form a trust, "SANATANA VEDHA DHARMA PARIPALANA TRUST," which was formed in 2020, and SRI BHARATHI VEDHA VIDYA GURUKULAM was taken by the Trust. Since then, he has had enough opportunities to identify Sathaparthram, and help is being rendered to the NEEDY after identifying their genuineness.

In fact, a lot of people are in a flexible position to help others who are needy and poor. But they do not have time to search for such genuine people to be helped. A question arises in their minds.

  • Where to give
  • Whom to give
  • How to give
  • When to give and
  • Through whom to give, etc.

In the absence of answers to the above questions, their mindset also changes. When this was discussed with Sringeri Acharyal, Sri T V Ramaswamy Iyer was blessed by THEM with a suggestion to use this platform, WWW.SATHPATHRAM.COM. Communicate to the philanthropic-minded persons (DONORS) to donate their mite to the concerned individuals, trusts, peethams, temples, and Institutions directly by them and gather information and details from the website "SATHPATHRAM" as the financial transactions vested only between the DONOR and DONEE and this website provides maximum information segment-wise so that simply by browsing through the website, to whichever category donors prefer to donate their money purely by God’s instinct will execute with no influence or interference from anyone.

As and when we get the details, we shall display them on this website so that anyone, just by looking at the website, can select the category and send donations.

If such donors just inform the details to the following E-Mail ID and/or What’s App number: 9 8 4 0 9 8 6 6 3 8, the same will be informed to Sringeri Swamigal, and Prasadam will be sent to their home (for which purpose a postal address with PIN code and mobile number should be informed to



We are only FACILITATOR connecting the Donor with Donee.

In all epics like Ramayanam, Mahabharatham, Bhagavatham, and Bhagavath Geethai, a lot of examples are mentioned about DHARMAM ON SATHPATHRAM. Besides, Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsar, Swami Vivekanandar, Shirdi Saibaba, Puttaparthi Saibaba, Seshadri Swamigal, Ramana Maharishi, Swami Chinmayananda, and Dayananda have all elaborately mentioned DHARMAM ON SATHPATHRAM and the positive vibrations experienced by the Donors.


A good and just world where people are not just fed with information but fulfilled and accomplished. To help as many people as possible. To bring joy to others around the world.


To use my writing skills to inspire and educate others around the world to make a change. To inspire others to achieve great things in Life. To positively impact the life of every person I encounter. To leave the world a better place with a greater impact than I found and experienced it.

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The following can be described as deserving vessels:

  • To uplift the poor families by individually identifying their genuine needs.
  • To help the poor boys financially to come up in their lives through their own intelligence and hard work.
  • To assist poor girls marriages who are economically BPL (below poverty line)
  • To donate funds to Vedha Patashala in Gurukulam style.
  • To donate funds to Vedic functions to perform huge Yagam, Yegnam, and other Vedic rituals for the prosperity of our Nation.
  • To donate funds to poor families to conduct their Theertha Yathra Rituals in Kashi and Rameswaram.
  • Every year during July-August-September, various Peetathipathis, Matathipathis, Seers, Rishis, and Swamigals observe Chathurmasyam Viradham in any place within India, and it is the DUTY and RESPONSIBILITY Of every individual to look after their comforts. During such occasions, many satsangam activists visit their Venues and perform Bhajans, Debates, and Dhyanam. Hence, the organisers provide Annadhanam to those activists besides the general public in such localities.
  • There are NGOs that struggle hard to provide pure services to poor students who are studying in government schools. Due to their family environment and poor economic status, boys and girls never pursue their education beyond 5th grade and, in a few cases, beyond 8th grade standards. There is a wonderful organisation, viz., EDUPASSION, that encourages all such students not to drop out of school but to complete at least the 12th Standard so that they become useful to society. Education alone brings not only KNOWLEDGE but WISDOM too.
  • Talented youths are identified in villages and given SKILL training to become DRIVERS, TECHNICIANS, MARKETING PERSONNEL, and SALES PERSONNEL, and they are given jobs to make them useful and responsible citizens.
  • There are few individuals who have no money but good physique to do Honorary services in Temples, to Swamijis, as drivers, vadhyars (prohithars), in Charity Hospitals looking after the counters, and as patients attendants. Such people can also be helped financially. They do physical dharma, and we do financial dharma.
  • To do DARMAM many ways are there. There is a proverb “பாத்திரமறிந்து பிச்சையிடு” (IDENTIFY THE GENUINE & DESERVING PERSON TO WHOM ALONE DONATIONS MUST BE GIVEN) Many wanted to know as to how to do DHARMAM and to whom and through whom etc.
  • That is why, to get more clarity on this subject, this website was launched so that the money of DONORS never goes to the wrong hands at all. We identify genuine and deserving people to whom your money should reach, and we shall provide their postal address with PIN code, WhatsApp and mobile numbers, and their Bank Pass Book details, Gpay number, etc. so that you can DIRECTLY DONATE and get true satisfaction with no publicity whatsoever.

Doing good to others without any expectations in return from the beneficiaries is called "Parotakaram.". Among the many aspects and ways of Dharma, Paropakaram is an important and significant one. It is also known as Nishkama Karma because it is an action without an attachment to fruits.

River Water flows, Cows give Milk, Trees bear fruits—all this happens only for others. Likewise, the human body is also meant for helping others. MANAV SEVA IS MADHAVA SEVA, which means service to humans is service to God. This also gives us Spiritual merit and mental peace.

There are many ways to help others. While Rich persons do Annadhanam or Temple Kumbhabishegam, a popper need not repent because he too can render DHARMAM by physically involving himself in such activities. Qualified Engineers can give FREE COACHING to poor students, while Doctors can give FREE TREATMENT to poor Patients. Well-built and healthy youths can clean the temple premises and keep the environment clean. All of us can involve ourselves in service to Society for UNIVERSAL WELFARE so as to inspire others, rise above Artha and Kama, and focus more on DHARMA. Let wealthy people do Dharma through their surplus funds, while non-wealthy people do Dharma through physical activities.

Let us involve ourselves and do DHARMAM without postponing it. Let us involve and guide the targeted beneficiaries, who will then learn to help themselves in the future. When our position improves, increase the volume. Our children will naturally learn and follow our example if we set the example. We can identify the neglected areas where our DHARMAM can reach and attain a level of accomplishment. There is no end to the opportunities for DHARMAM or PAROPAKARAM.

We seldom pause to consider that our personal and business lives are governed by the principle of double-entry bookkeeping. Debits and Credits in the Karmic Account There is an invisible accounting for everyone arising from every thought and action. Any act done with the intention of contributing to attaining UNIVERSAL WELFARE has the direct effect of boosting the karmic balance.



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